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"Songs From a Garden" EP
by Marta Arpini and Gonçalo Neto

out on August 20th, 2021


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Marta Arpini and Gonçalo Neto present a repertoire that's like an ancient chant and a breath of fresh air at the same time. Marta's fantasy and writing work together with Gonçalo's poetic playing and interpretation to depict a sort of imaginary folk, where lullabies and sophisticated harmonies come together, and the boundaries between inner and outside world become blurred.


Everything that's sung and played unfold like a diary. Looking through a crystal clear lens, Marta tells personal and universal stories, filled with beauty and fragility.

Both the acoustic setting and the electric nuances create an intimate, intensely emotional soundscape, where every detail is a fundamental part of the entire narration.

"The Robins (You're Still Holding Me Tight)"
live from the garden


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