"is the contemporary storyteller

we were waiting for"




Marta Arpini presents the glittering alternative electro pop branch of her original repertoire, brought to life through the collaboration with Amsterdam based producer Radio Trapani.



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Storyteller is an ode to all the weirdos out there; to everyone who loves too much; to multicolored kinds of love; to everyone who is looking for something irreducibly good, wears the underwear inside out, turns the winters into springtime.


Everyone is a storyteller.

Believe in your superpowers.

speak love to each other.

Music & lyrics: Marta Arpini
Production: Radio Trapani

Vocals, synths: Marta Arpini
Bass synth: Radio Trapani

Recorded & mixed by Radio Trapani
Mastered by Giorgio Cesaroni

Cover art: Grace de Kroon




Released on April the 20th, 2020

Animation and video editing

by Marta

Featured on

Storyteller è così semplice da ascoltare che ti rimane appiccicata. 

Halibut / The Submarine




Learn your sentimental ABC with a song you can dance to!

Flirt and be respectful.

A song for all the womxn and the non-narcissistic boys ❤️

For and inspired by Camilla Guendalina.


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Waterbomb is a detonation of fluorescent sounds and words with a wink; a dance for clumsy dancers and a song for happy singers.


It's cheeky. And even if it's fun, it has something serious to say.


It's dedicated to a strong girl demanding clarity and honesty from a vague relationship, on of those that make you feel lost and stupid, as if you did something bad, when in fact, it's the other person's immaturity that put you in a weird and uncomfortable position.


Waterbomb becomes my tribute to all the empowered girls I know and I will meet, those girls who fight for their right to be treated well and with respect, disarming all the traps set by that a world of narcissism and little empathy.


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out on 30.10

out on 30.10

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Cecilia Grandi

Marta Arpini

music & lyrics

vocals & synths

cover art

Frank Rosaly

drums & shakers

Radio Trapani


recording & mix