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Marta's star is rising in the Netherlands thanks to an original mix of alt jazz and indie pop.

Her songs surprise you time and time again because of the lyrical and musical angles; sometimes playful, sometimes sweet and fragile, but always seductive.


"Marta Arpini Forest Light" was one of the winners of Keep an Eye the Records 2020. Thanks to this prize that powers the realization of a new album, Marta was able to start a new chapter in the story of her band, with a new wave of compositions and a different approach to the music's production. The repertoire is updated, reflecting Marta's artistic and personal growth process and her most recent inspirations. ​


Collected from listening to unconventional songwriters and musicians (Andy Shauf, Elliott Smith, Adrianne Lenker, Dirty Projectors, Kalbells, Rufus Wainwright, Chris Weisman, Ryan Power, Tōth), Marta doesn't cease to intermingle these inspirations with her jazz upbringing and education, and her fascination also for instrumental music (Bill Frisell, Duke Ellington, Skúli Sverrisson, Jon Brion, René Aubry, Brad Mehldau, ADHD). 


Combining the different branches of her writing – the alternative pop and indie folk oriented songs and the jazz influenced pieces – Marta is giving her music a new garment; while the performing core of the project remains the quintet, sounds and orchestration are expanded and renovated, also thanks to an occasionally larger but flexible line-up. 

Since the end of 2021 going into 2022 and the future, the band is no longer called "Forest Light", and the new music is released under the name of Marta Arpini.

"I Am A Gem" is the new album by Marta, made possible and supported by the Keep and Eye Foundation and the Performing Arts Fund NL. The album has been artistically coached by and co-produced with drummer, composer and producer Mark Schilders.

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+++ BAND

 Marta Arpini - vocals, compositions, arrangements

Massimo Imperatore - guitars

Adrian Moncada - piano, synth

Mauro Cottone - bass

Giacomo Camilletti - drums


Band featuring

Ketija Ringa-Karahona - flute
Jessie Brevé - bass clarinet 
Harry Chronis - trombone
José Soares - alto sax

 Fuensanta Méndez - voice
Sanne Huijbregts - voice, glockenspiel, bells, xylophone


Album "I Am a Gem" recorded by Bart Wagemakers at Exalto Studios in Haarlem in July 2021. Mixed and co-produced by Mark Schilders in August 2021. Mastered by Jerboa Mastering. Concept, graphics and design by Cecilia Grandi @tuttotonno. Original pictures by Teresa Costa. Made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Keep an Eye the Records. Out on Dox Records.

Marta Arpini - vocals, compositions, arrangements, nylon strings guitar in “Why”. Adrian Moncada - acoustic piano, voice in “Frogs part III”. Massimo Imperatore - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, nylon strings guitar, banjo, voice in “Frogs part III”. Mauro Cottone - double bass, voice in “Frogs part III”. Giacomo Camilletti - drums, percussions, voice in “Frogs part III”. Charalampos Chronis - trombone in “I Am A Gem” and “Frogs part I, II, III”. Jessie Brevé - bass clarinet in “I Am A Gem” and “Frogs part I, II, III”. José Soares - alto sax in “Frogs part I, II, III”. Ketija Ringa-Karahona - flutes in “Overthinking” and “I Am A Gem”. Laura Polence - voice in “Strambini”. Fuensanta Méndez - voice in “Frogs part I, II, III”. Sanne Huijbregts - voice, kalimbas, metallophone, marimba, table bells, glockenspiel in “Frogs part I, II, III”. Thierry Castel - mellotron in “The Same Way”, “I Am A Gem”, “Belly Of The Monster”; synth in “Desire”. All music composed and arranged by Marta Arpini. Lyrics by Marta Arpini.