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"Marta Arpini is truly a gem, one of those precious ones, because with her small orchestra, for which she personally took care of the arrangement parts, she managed to do amazing things that one could rarely expect to come out of our songwriting, and she made it pass like a cakewalk."

Gabriele Vollaro,

"Marta Arpini is the contemporary
storyteller we were waiting for."


Marta's star is rising thanks to an original mix of indie, alt jazz, folk and rock.

Her songs surprise you time and time again because of the lyrical and musical angles; sometimes playful, sometimes sweet and fragile, but always seductive.

Marta Arpini is a singer, songwriter and composer from Crema (Italy), currently living in Amsterdam (NL).

Born in 1994, Marta started studying music as a child, with private piano lessons; she started studying singing at the age of 12.

From 2014 to 2017 she studied jazz vocals at Civici Corsi di Jazz in Milano, where she graduated with the highest grade. At the same time she studied Modern Literature at Università Statale degli Studi di Milano. In January 2016 she won the Audience Award in the national competition “Chicco Bettinardi” for young Italian jazz talents. 

Marta specialized in jazz vocals with a master program at Conservatorium van Amsterdam (2017-2019).

Marta's debut album "Forest Light" (2019, Challenge Records International) was nominated to the prestigious the Edison Jazz/World Award 2020, the "Dutch Grammy". Her quintet won the Keep an Eye the Records in November 2020.


Her sophomore album, "I Am a Gem" (2022, Dox Records), marks the start of a new chapter. Combining her diverse inspirations, Marta is exploring new sounds and orchestrations, diving deeper into her love for songwriting and into the alternative pop and folk universes. By adding instruments to the usual and original line-up, her semi-acoustic quintet, Marta created her pocket orchestra, a 10 elements band with a peculiar horn section and more singers.


In 2021 Marta released her EP "Songs From a Garden", recorded together with Portuguese guitar player Gonçalo Neto.


Marta is also the songwriter and front-woman of the indie rock band tiigre, that released their first EP, "Hot Dreams", in April 2022.


Marta also actively collaborates with different bands and creatives, both in the Netherlands and in Italy, such as Fuensanta, Radio Trapani, Laura Polence, Molino, Floris Kappeyne's Echo, Alistair Payne, I Am a Fish and more. In November 2021 she toured with Louis Cole & Metropole Orkest in the Netherlands as backing vocalist.

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