Marta Arpini is a singer, songwriter, composer and improviser from Crema (Italy), currently living in Amsterdam (NL).

Born in 1994, Marta started studying music as a child, with private piano lessons; she started studying singing at the age of 12.


From 2014 to 2017 she studied jazz vocals (bachelor program) at Civici Corsi di Jazz in Milano, where she graduated with the highest grade. At the same time she studied Modern Literature at Università Statale degli Studi di Milano.

In January 2016 she won the Audience Award in the national competition “Chicco Bettinardi” for young Italian jazz talents. 


Marta specialized in jazz vocals with a master program at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, from 2017 ’til June 2019.

After a start in Milano with her very first bands tiny:tales and Baked with Butter, in the last years Marta has been working on the writing and the production of her original repertoire(s).


She mainly performs with her quintet, her folk duo with Portuguese guitar player Gonçalo Neto and with tiigre, dream pop/indie rock band.

Marta's debut album "Forest Light" (2019, Challenge Records International) was nominated to the Edison Jazz/World 2020; in November 2020 Marta's quintet won the Keep an Eye 2020. 

Marta also actively collaborates with different bands and creatives, both in the Netherlands and in Italy, such as Fuensanta Méndez, Laura Polence, Molino, I Am a Fish and more.

Her new album is going to be released in January 2022 on Dox Records.

What makes this girl special is her chameleon-like ability to adapt to various musical genres, wearing them like dresses and then being able to mix and play with them, creating sophisticated and refined sounds. Marta composes, arranges and writes her own music, giving life to real stories to be told and sung.

Futura 1993

A sort of tenderness embraces me when I listen to Marta Arpini. She doesn’t use the voice in an olympic way, like a lot, too many singers nowadays do, eventually resembling each other. She doesn’t; with her, it’s like she’s letting herself go to a spontaneous narration, a delicate and caressing stream, but always very much in tune. In fact I believe that not everyone could sing her songs. Her lyrics are delicate poems, with an intimate aura, never démodé. 


- Antonio Scanferlato, AUDIOPHILE SOUND N. 176

Marta invites the listener into her world of experiences, her own, charming microcosm; desirable, tender and heartfelt on the one hand, energetic, fresh and effervescent on the other.

- Challenge Records International